Knowledge of Europe’s neighbours beyond the Mediterranean is often marked by prejudices, clichés and ignorance. Only with serious information and a comprehensive intercultural dialogue can the resulting fears be overcome.

The association “Arabisches Haus Nürnberg e.V.” is therefore planning to set up a cultural hub in which the presentation of the cultural diversity of the Arab world will be at the centre. It will not only serve to impart knowledge, but will also provide space for intercultural encounters for a “dialogue at eye level”. In addition to a permanent thematic exhibition, which attaches particular importance to the mutual cultural enrichment of Orient and Occident, changing exhibitions, a media centre, cultural events, conferences and workshops on current topics are planned. A special concern of the initiators is the promotion of intercultural youth work and youth exchange. All activities will cover a wide range of themes, from history to the present.

Until a convenient building is available, the exhibitions and events of the association will take place in suitable premises within the metropolitan region of Nuremberg.